Jeffrey Rovell & Associates, Inc.

Jeff has helped companies big and small bring innovative products to market and create lasting business partnerships. Hear what some of Jeff's clients have to say.

"For more than a decade, jeff Rovell has been a valuable resource for DEKA. Not only does he have a great understanding of the medical device/health care industry, but he is one of the most effective and enthusiastic facilitators of business relationships with whom we have had the fortune to work."

Dean Kamen
Founder and President, DEKA R&D
Inventor, Segway and IBOT Wheelchair

"Do not hire Jeff Rovell! That is, unless you are ready to turn your market, product, and technology strategies upside-down and inside-out. Jeff has an amazing ability to get marketers and technologists to connect the dots in new and fresh ways. He incites perspectives that bring innovation and creativity to the forefront of product development. And Jeff does this with a deep-seated passion for delighting customers — his and yours."

Sam Riccitelli
Senior Vice President & COO, Genoptix

"This is the riginal 'Neutron Jeff!' Jeff Rovell is the most energetic and creative person I have known in the last twenty five years. Always enthusiastic, optimistic, and very creative. If you want to know what is going on in the healthcare industry, ask Jeff."

George W. Blank
President, The Medtech Group

"Jeff has a unique ability to recognize opportunites based on his diverse technical and marketing experience. He understands people, the iterative process of product development, and the importance of accomplishing objectives in a timely fashion. He makes good things happen."

Ed Horan
Director of Marketing, Genezyme Biosurgery

"Jeff was a cornerstone of our intrapreneurial team. The success of our project depended on our ability to find and integrate several disparate technologies. Jeff was able to find the people with the best technologies and help us to establish fruitful relationships with them.

"Jeff has tremendous relationship-building skill. He is unconventional, funny, self-depricating, warm.... He's the guy that everyone knows in the check-in line at the airport, either because his PDA is filled with thousands of contacts or because he has been talking with everyone he doesn't know in line while waiting to check his bags. You can't help liking him. This is the art and skill that served us so well when we were trying to get our idea off the ground."

Rob Pierce
Director of R&D, Becton Dickinson

"What a network he has! He knows all the important leaders in the medical world. Amazing. He is a Brain Powerhouse -- endless great ideas, always adding value to the organization. And he plays piano like a pro, and sings like Sinatra!!"

Hitotsuyanagi Masao
General Manager, Minimally Invasive Cardiovascular Systems, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems

"Jeff Rovell is my hero. I had an idea for a device to treat glaucoma. I made a prototype, patented the device, got FDA approval for human use, and showed it successful in a USA human trial. Jeff facilitated the critical next step, the leap from prototype to a commercial product. He catalyzed a fair contract with a major device manufacturer, and I am now in the process of developing the device into a treatment for glaucoma.

"Mutual trust is key. In the time we worked together, I was impressed by his integrity and experience. He has an easy manner which made his interviews with me relaxed, but provided me with guidance on realistic expectations. As work started, he was instrumental in finding the companies needed by the design team to move the project along. His prior work with other devices provided insight when an animal project ran into a snag; his advice led us through the impasse. When the device hits the market, it will owe its life to Jeff's early nurturing. Thanks, Jeff!"

Tad Wandel
Director of Glaucoma Service, Westchester County Medical Center, and Inventor

"Just when you think you have reached the bottom of the well of his vast experiences and connections, Jeff will surprise you with another gem. Jeff has a way of reaching out to people and bringing them together that is more effective than anything I've ever seen in anyone.

"If you are a small medical technology company looking for a one man army for new business development, Jeff is an extraordinarily good resource."

Charles Grinnell
Senior Engineering Manager, DEKA R&D

"Jeff Rovell: high energy, with many great contacts covering the technical, business, and medical worlds. A perfect blend of visionary and practical problem-solver. Very creative. Gets things done. Very responsive to client's needs. Well-balanced approach to technology, market, and business needs. Can help you envision the future and get there!

"And besides that, he's fun to work with, very interesting, and you never have to worry about a moment's silence!"

Jack Marlotte
Business Development Manager, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems

"In a word, Jeff has inspired our team. With his energy and nsight, Jeff pulled our team of so-called entrepreneurs beyond the usual boundaries and facilitated our innovation and risk-taking. His influence touched many areas, including product design, marketing strategy, and organizational development."

Robert G. Conway
President, US Biomedical

"Jeff is a man who brings to an organisation enormous and varied experience in the medical technology industry, with wide knowledge, great enthusiasm, lateral thinking, and the ability to effectively harness individual talents to generate potent team performance."

P. Nigel Gray
President, Ret., Pfizer Hospital Products Group

"Dr. Rovell has the ability to educate management•and facilitate the funding of projects based on an objective evaluation of the technical uniquness of the product and its market potential. As a team player, he assists in development while testing assumptions about the viability of the product. He helps us succeed and stay market-focused."

Owen Johns
Director of R&D, Ret., United Surgical and Smith & Nephew

"I have worked with Jeff for over 25 years. He possesses a unique blend of clinical expertise and market savvy that has resulted in an enviable record of new products. Jeff is an asset that I would certainly wish to see on any medical technology team."

Robert Levande
Managing Director, NDB Capital, LLC

"Dr. Jeff Rovell is the most high energy, tireless and insightful consultant you will ever work with. His breadth of experiences, his diverse array of interests, and his endless supply of relationships and contacts will expose you and your organization to new ways of thinking and new opportunities that were unknown before."

Antony Koblish
President, Orthovita, Inc.

"Jeff brings a creativity to the organization which is unlike anything that I have experienced previously. He has a fantastic ability to help a team see where the possibilities are and help them organize and stay focused on meeting their maximum potential.

"Jeff delivers real, tangible results."

Howard Donnelly
Medical Device Entrepreneur, Former President of Level 1

"I think you have the ability to recognize trends and opportunities in the medical field because of your technical expertise, but you also have a great business sense to know how to combine technology and business to produce an effective and profitable venture.

"In BD's microkeratome effort, you saw what we needed and found a company and a technology that moved us into the new millenium."

Nick Samiotes
President, MGS Associates

"Dr. Rovell is a highly intelligent consultant who possesses a unique blend of energy and enthusiasm coupled with medical knowledge and high level device industry contacts. Jeff has successfully helped Howmedica in the areas of new product development, product licensing and executive recruiting. He has the ability to help an organization analyze their particular situation, not only by identifying opportunities but by motivating it to action."

James R Agresti
President, Howmedica Trauma and Specialty Products

"Dr. Rovell possesses an impressive breath of medical industry knowledge and experience, which he utilizes to challenge and stimulate organizations. He has a contagious, energizing style focused on future-orientated pathways to growth."

Wal W. Slaughter
General Manager and Director of Operations, Ret., Becton Dickinson Ophthalmic Systems

"I find Jeff Rovell's diplomatic persistence invaluable in moving our business initiatives forward. I highly recommend Jeff Rovell as the 'go-to guy' for forging high quality corporate relationships in the medical device business."

Scott Seidel
President & CEO, Spencer Technologies

"I have used Jeff in assignments at two different companies. Both were long-term assignments and both were very successful. In each assignment, we allowed Jeff to become virtually a permanent member of the leadership team. The more he became involved in each business, the more he contributed. Jeff is particularly helpful in identifing unexpected sources of new technology, whether from a company or an individual inventor, approaching the source, and working out the terms under which it can be acquired or licensed. I have found that Jeff's ability to do this quickly and on his own initiative is a model to younger commerical and technical professionals. Furthermore, he is a great judge of people and can help identify organizational weaknesses. I'd recommend Jeff without hesitation to any technology-based company that wants to get serious about growing."

Mark Throdahl
CEO, Bespak, PLC

"Not afraid to challenge the status quo, and in so doing leads others to think creatively and constructively. Enables an organisatin to tap into its latent resources, its people. An ability to infect a team with enthusiasm, allowing the atainment of greater goals, leading to greater commercial returns. Jeff has acces to a diverse and extensive network of contacts, which can significantly augment an organisation's resources."

Dave Howlett
Bespak, PLC

"With his excellent knowledge of the healthcare industry and network of contacts, Dr. Rovell proved to be an accomplished scout for new technology, bringing in many new ideas. His expert group facilitation skills helped us in many aspects of technology management at the corporate level, from planning activities, to creativity exercises, to meeting facilitation. His keen sense of how organizations finction allowed him to quickly and easily become part of our internal teams. Excellent communication and rapid response are some of Jeff's great strengths.

"His activities and network reach around the globe."

Vincent DiCaprio
CEO and President, Vytaris