Jeffrey Rovell & Associates, Inc.
Jeff Rovell drives product development with over thirty years of experience and boundless creative energy.

Developing new products and forming strategic partnerships are among the most difficult challenges any business can face. Jeff Rovell helps businesses meet those challenges head-on with an infusion of experience and a commitment to creative thinking.

Experience, energy, creativity.

Since 1973, Jeff has helped companies around the world develop dozens of products, ranging from surgical instruments to high-technology medical simulations. Working for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Howmedica, and Pfizer, his unique approach has consistently brought innovative products to market.

Jeff has also worked with companies such as Black and Decker and 3M as a creativity consultant, working with teams in innovative ways to promote creative thinking in product development. In Jeff's creativity sessions, managers, engineers, and clinicians learn how to work productively towards developing surprising and innovative products.

In every client engagement, Jeff's work is guided by the idea that by actively pursuing creative solutions, every company can produce top-notch products. A genuine love of the product development process and a passion for excellence drive all of Jeff's work.