Jeffrey Rovell & Associates, Inc.
Bio & History

Since entering medical device development in 1973, Jeff Rovell has identified and actualized business opportunities for a wide range of companies. Today he is an invaluable resource for inventors, producers, and developers of pharmaceutical products.

Education and Early Career

Photo of Jeff

Jeff's introduction to medicine came in 1968, when he received his B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin. He attended the Univesity of Illinois at the Medical Center and earned a Ph.D. in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of Vermont College of Medicine. After earning his doctorate, Jeff accepted a post-doctoral fellowship at the British Heart Foundation at University College, London. There he spent two years studying interactions between pharmaceutical agents and heart muscle.

Upon his return to the U.S., Jeff worked for the Ortho Pharmaceutical division of Johnson & Johnson as a sales associate in the OB/GYN product line. In 1972, he joined Pfizer as a clinical research associate, responsible for clinical trials and FDA liason functions. He focused on new anti-hypertensive and oral hypoglycemic medications.

Developing Pharmaceutical Products

In 1973 Jeff became involved in non-pharmaceutical health care as part of Pfizer's push to create a medical device business. After Pfizer acquired its first medical device company — Howmedica, an innovator in orthopedic surgery — Jeff became Assistant Director of R&D. Jeff helped to grow the orthopedic implant business through the acquisition of North Hill Plastics in the U.K., the company which developed the bone cement called Simplex. Jeff was subsequently involved in the development of AKZ, the antibiotic formulation of the cement which prevents postoperative infection.

Jeff went on to become Vice President of Licensing and Development for Pfizer Hospital Products Group, and was involved in identifying and developing a number of technologies including surgical skin stapling, open-heart surgery instrumentation, wound dressings, monitoring equipment, and skin-care products. Jeff was also involved with the acquisition of Valley Labs, Deknatel, Shiley, American medical Systems, Schneider, and other companies that became part of Pfizer Hospital Products Group.

Actualizing Business

After ten years at Pfizer, Jeff became President and COO of Lasers for Medicine, one of the first companies to develop and market YAG lasers for the treatment of cataracts and for surgical indications, particularly valuable in reducine the size of gastrointestinal tumors. LFM went public in 1983, and in a strategic partnership with Pilkington Glass in Scotland has created a number of technologies which have significantly advanced ophthalmic, gastroenterological, and cardiac applications of lasers in medicine.

For the past 20 years, Jeff has been an independent consultant to the medical device industry. Based on a strong network of associates, each of whom brings special technological and strategic skills to each project, Jeff has brought unprecedent value to a vast array of companies. Much like a conductor of an orchestra, Jeff acts as a facilitator of relationships, bringing enabling technologies, companies, and people together to create timely strategic alliances and partnerships. Product development, portfolio analysis, and market development are all part of the services of Jeffrey Rovell & Associates, Inc.