Jeffrey Rovell & Associates, Inc.
Explore over thirty
years of product development.

Jeff says: Product development is truly my passion: since first working in the medical device industry in the 1970s, I've been lucky enough to work on a wide range of products, in areas ranging from orthopedics to virtual reality simulation. Use the sidebar on the right to see some of these products up close, and to learn more about my approach to design facilitation and market-building.

A Rigorous Development Approach

Jeff brings a rigorous, time-tested 'musts and wants' approach to product development, leading the development team through a process which questions assumptions, assesses markets, and encourages ambition and creativity. Product develoopment with Jeff is a combination of deal facilitation, customer appraisal, design work, and creative brainstorming. The end result is a product which is both highly innovative and firmly grounded in customer needs — a product which hits all of the 'musts and wants.'